Welcome to Grace Kerry's web site. I am an independent educational consultant, writer and author of Nigerian cookbooks.

Educational Consultancy

Since the early 1990's I have spent a lot of time in Education as an advisor to school teachers and school administrators in South Wales and England, UK, specialising in the education of ethnic minorities (for whom English is their second language) and children with Special Needs. I have been a lecturer in Education and Equality studies at the UK's Open University.


My other area of interest is African cooking. I have completed two cook books that focus on the versatility of Nigerian cuisine. Click on the Cookery menu above to find out more and for some free Nigerian recipes. I have always loved cooking and as a Nigerian and having grown up on a Nigerian diet, I believe that meals from this region of West Africa are a genuine undiscovered treasure.


An E-book version of my first cookbook now available plus other news...

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